Micro Events


Please consider participating as makers in our “Micro Events” happening in the summer and fall leading up to the main Maker Faire in April 2020.

This year we are looking to collaborate with local businesses, events, and organizations to establish and encourage making in the community as well as spread the word about the main March 4nd, 2020 event. We are dividing these events into three categories: Business, Booth, and Hosted events.


  • Business events will be a chance for the community to interact with local businesses through tours, demonstrations, and workshops.


  • Booth events will take place at community gatherings such as the Farmers Markets and the Mosey Down Main Street. These will feature an activity and a maker showcasing their craft, skill, and creativity.


  • Hosted events are an opportunity for the GLMMF to invite makers to a local venue to present a topic, conversation, or project that they are passionate about sharing with others.


Further details are to come!