Zombie Checkers transforms the classic board game into an intense game of strategy and survival. You can play as the humans or zombies, each with different goals. Come join the first round of public play-testing at this year’s Faire.

Wil Hayes

Wil Hayes

Wil spends much of his time saving the trees in the Greater Lafayette area from pests and disease. If you see silver tags on trees in the local parks, you know he has been there. A life-long Maker, Wil works with whatever materials he can get his hands on and turns them into something new, from furniture, to clothing, to games and much, much more. He also is a graphic artist and has an eye for detail. Zombie checkers is the second board game he has created.



Thanks to our sponsors Cook Medical, Imagination Station, C Design Lab & Star City Broadcasting, attendance to the 2019 Maker Faire is FREE!  We can’t wait to see you on March 2nd at Sunnyside Intermediate School in Lafayette, IN!

If you would like to volunteer with us, please apply at https://greaterlafayette.makerfaire.com/2019-volunteering/

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