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Nelu Lazar

Nelu Lazar

Nelu has an EE & CS degree from Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania. He came to the U.S. in 2004 to contribute to engineering innovations and developments in automotive and heavy machinery design and manufacturing for various Fortune 500 OEMs. At the community level, Nelu had founded Lafayettech and the very first local brick & mortar Tech HUB coworking space in 2011, that both later contributed to the foundation of MatchBOX Coworking Studio downtown Lafayette. Nelu also brought together a group of local teachers, educators and school IT, to discuss the current and future of classroom technologies and their implications to students’ career development, in a monthly meetup called K12TECH. Also as part of Nelu’s endeavors and ventures, are a series of startups he helped found, fund and develop – JuniorTube (video curriculum curation and interactivity for K-12 students and kids under 13), LOOK (on-demand, managed video distribution and interactivity) and NursePass (seamless communication between teachers, school nurses and parents of K-12 students). Nelu is also the Executive Director of TEDxLafayette. Nelu is married with Gena, and they have two children.


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